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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Already?

Apparently I now only blog on Sundays.  Ya'll, I am so ready for spring break it's not even funny, but there have been some amazing things happening in our lives.  First, my son had an evaluation Monday and tested completely within normal ranges on all developmental areas other than articulation.  This is HUGE news.  I hope to share his story soon.  Also, my husband got a REAL job.  A job with salary and benefits and an office.  I am so proud of him.  Also, I got my check from that children's consignment sale I sent stuff to and guess how much it was?  $590 dollars!  So...I have been taking my mirror selfies of my outfits but haven't had time to upload and I have been sourcing things but who has time to blog when you are celebrating the awesome-ness and trying to keep the house in halfway presentable shape?

Anyway...I'll show you some things that sold and then MAYBE I can get caught up with the blog this week. (I know ya'll are dying to see those mirror selfies.)

 I love Loft clothes.  I love them for myself and I love them to sell.  I especially love them when they are new with tags and purchased for $1 during a 10 for $10 sell at Goodwill.  These were my highest profit margin item of the month making me $27.70 after fees.
 This Bucilla kit only brought in $7.51 after shipping and fees but I always pick up any of these vintage craft kits I can find.  They are often cheap and they are super easy to store.  I've had this particular kit for a while but over the last year I've made a good deal of money on crewel kits, ornament kits, etc.  
This was a unique item that my husband spotted last summer.  We paid more than I like to pay for clothes ($5.49) but he was sure this would make us money.  It would have made quite a bit more had it not had a few stains.  Keep a look out for Clothier to the King items.  This was apparently a brand worn by Elvis and Johnny Cash and it has that vintage "Rock-a-billy" look.  After reducing the price on this a few times I finally sold it making a profit of $24.99

What unique items have you sold?

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