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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Already?

Apparently I now only blog on Sundays.  Ya'll, I am so ready for spring break it's not even funny, but there have been some amazing things happening in our lives.  First, my son had an evaluation Monday and tested completely within normal ranges on all developmental areas other than articulation.  This is HUGE news.  I hope to share his story soon.  Also, my husband got a REAL job.  A job with salary and benefits and an office.  I am so proud of him.  Also, I got my check from that children's consignment sale I sent stuff to and guess how much it was?  $590 dollars!  So...I have been taking my mirror selfies of my outfits but haven't had time to upload and I have been sourcing things but who has time to blog when you are celebrating the awesome-ness and trying to keep the house in halfway presentable shape?

Anyway...I'll show you some things that sold and then MAYBE I can get caught up with the blog this week. (I know ya'll are dying to see those mirror selfies.)

 I love Loft clothes.  I love them for myself and I love them to sell.  I especially love them when they are new with tags and purchased for $1 during a 10 for $10 sell at Goodwill.  These were my highest profit margin item of the month making me $27.70 after fees.
 This Bucilla kit only brought in $7.51 after shipping and fees but I always pick up any of these vintage craft kits I can find.  They are often cheap and they are super easy to store.  I've had this particular kit for a while but over the last year I've made a good deal of money on crewel kits, ornament kits, etc.  
This was a unique item that my husband spotted last summer.  We paid more than I like to pay for clothes ($5.49) but he was sure this would make us money.  It would have made quite a bit more had it not had a few stains.  Keep a look out for Clothier to the King items.  This was apparently a brand worn by Elvis and Johnny Cash and it has that vintage "Rock-a-billy" look.  After reducing the price on this a few times I finally sold it making a profit of $24.99

What unique items have you sold?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

What Sold Sunday?

I know I have been MIA for the last week.  Work has been AWFUL and stressful.  My students have been the only thing to keep me at my current job...that and..well we like to eat.  I've been juggling so many things and getting ready for that consignment sale. Today was the drop off and I took 2 carloads to sell.  I wasn't sad at all when I was sorting, tagging, and loading all of Nick's baby stuff but after I dropped it off, my heart hurt a little.  I wanted it all back.  It's ridiculous though because I don't WANT another baby and the stuff was in the way but it was still incredibly hard to let it go.  Here's hoping I get a big fat check next Sunday.

Ebay sales had been very slow because I wasn't listing.  When you don't list often enough, your listings aren't as prevalent on eBay.  I don't remember why, but I've seen that on other blogs.  I'd barely been sourcing, but my finds had been piling up until I finally got time to do something about it yesterday.  This weekend has been listing-palooza.  AND, wouldn't you know it, I made FIVE sales today.

 Our Fred's is going out of business.  Yesterday, my husband and I decided to go see what was left and we he found these Amibos.  I had never heard of them which is why I love taking him sourcing with me.  We bought the last 3 Ganondorf's at $3.90 a piece.  I listed them all today and they have ALL sold.  I based my price off of previously sold items.  The current listings are a few dollars more than I sold mine for, so I COULD have made a few more bucks BUT there is something pretty amazing about a quick sell.  After fees and shipping I made $56 on all 3.

I picked up this Disney plush several weeks ago for $1.89  Disney plush can be hit or miss.  John Darling was a hit because he is not that popular of a character and he is harder to find.  He sold to someone in the UK.  After taxes and shipping I made $16.05

I am going back to Fred's later this week hoping that they will mark items down more.  Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What I Wore Wednesday

I have to blog quickly tonight.  Hubby wants the computer and I almost couldn't convince him to let me use it.  I told him that all 19 of the people who look at this blog NEED to see my thrifty fashions but he wasn't impressed.  Anyway, here goes:

 This was what I wore to church on Sunday.  The dress is Old Navy from the fill a bag sale at Uptown Cheapskate.  Technically I already sold something from that bag making the rest free so we are going to say it's a free dress.  The sweater is Maurice's from Goodwill.  I bought it during a 10 for $10 sale so I paid $1. *I don't think I like the sweater with this dress.  Next time I will probably pair it with a longer sweater.*
Sunday afternoon we went to a Mardi Gras parade.  I bought my Mardi Gras shirt from Goodwill for $1.25.  I wore it on Fat Tuesday for Mardi Gras day at school as well. 
 (I don't hide my crazy.  I parade it down the street.) 
This was my outfit today.  The shirt is boutique brand from a yard sale.  I paid $2.  The pants are Ann Taylor Loft curvy skinny jeans (My FAVORITE!) from Goodwill for around $4.50  

Tomorrow is Dr. Seuss's birthday and I will be throwing together a costume from thrifted items.  How will you be celebrating?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sell it Sunday

Sells have picked up a tiny bit for the month.  For some reason sales always seem to be best at the beginning and the end of each month.  It looks like I may scrape by with a halfway decent month, but barely.  Here's what sold this week:

 I had the above shirts listed in separate listings and a very nice lady emailed me with a best offer and request to combine shipping.  Ya'll, she was so sweet.  I really enjoyed messaging back and forth with her and we were able to make a deal.  So, she bought both shirts and I profited $20.07

So, a few days later the same lady who bought the Under Armour shirts purchased the Polo shirt above.  She told me she would make sure and purchase from my store and she was true to her word.  I can't remember where I got the shirt pictured above.  I am thinking Goodwill but sometimes I mess up and forget to be as thorough as I should with my record keeping.  Assuming I paid full Goodwill price, that would mean that I made $29.98 profit.

 This is a Thomas the Tank wooden track with the Maron Bridge.  I found this at a garage sale last summer.  The lady had a huge box of Thomas stuff for only $2 (and the box was a canvas box that I was able to use for my son's shoes.)  I was able to find a few pieces to keep for my son and then make about 5 or 6 lots from the rest.  This particular lot made me a profit of $14.45

Several months ago I scored 2 boxes of Silicone catheters at Goodwill for $6.56.  They contained 24 catheters which amounts to 28 cents each.  I sell a few each month.  This customer purchased 3 and that profited me $26.75.

Not a horrible end to the month but I am still hoping March will be better.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Fab Finds Friday

Not only have I not been selling much lately, but I've also not been finding much to sell lately either.  I can't wait for yard sales to start up again.  During the school year, it is difficult to find much time to source.  I only have 1 Goodwill in my town and am about 30 miles away from the next closest.  I do most of my sourcing during breaks from work and on Saturday mornings from yard sales.  The following things have been found over the course of a few trips to

 I bought this LulaRoe shirt at the 5 for $10.00 sale and planned to keep it for myself until I looked up the completeds.  LulaRoe has a great resale value and while I like the shirt, I like $20 more.  Plus, I have a bit of a clothes problem as it is and am afraid my closet may collapse *again* from the weight.

 This is a closeup of the Ralph Lauren Polo shirt I found at the same sale.  These "big pony" shirts sell really well and a triple pony is even better.  You have to be careful though.  When I was new to the game I bought a FAKE Ralph Lauren shirt.  Now I know what to look for.  Real Ralph Lauren polos are longer in the back than the front and there are distinguishing things about the way the tags are sewn on as well.  Always research brands before selling.

I thought this was a 90's era Rawlings jersey and got excited.  Vintage jerseys can bring in good money.  After research, I have concluded that this is homemade.  It is made extremely well but an official jersey would have a tag on lower left front and possible a brand embroidered on the sleeve.  I have it listed anyway so we will see how it sells.

Everything is half off at Goodwill tomorrow so hopefully I can find something good.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What I Wore Wednesday

Let's see If I can type through my teary eyes.  Anyone else watch This is Us?  I just watched last night's episode and I'm a little emotional.  I don't know how those writer's do it, but I cry every.single.week.  Anyway, on to what I wore this week.  As I mentioned last week, it was spirit week at school so I had a few odd outfits that I didn't photograph and then we had a MUCH needed 3 day weekend for president's Day during which time I was sick and didn't change out of pajamas except to go to the dentist.  Because of this, I only have 2 outfits to share and neither is phenomenal. Sorry, true life here.

 I always make horrible faces when taking mirror selfies.  Above was my "going to the dentist while sick" outfit.  (It could also be called my "Oh no!  They found a cavity!" outfit.  or my "This President's Day break is no fun at all."  outfit.) The shirt is a Faded Glory (Wal-Mart Brand) shirt from the outlet bins.  I'm not sure what I paid but it was less than $1 for sure.  The jeans are my new favorite.   They are Ann Taylor Loft high waisted skinny jeans.  I got them from Goodwill during a 5 for $9.99 sale so I only paid $2.  I LOVE them.  
Above is my outfit from today.  This week the cheerleaders are sponsoring themed dress days so we are playing dress up for a second week.  Today was "Patriotic Day" so I dug out this Snoopy Shirt I found at Goodwill this summer to wear for the 4th of July.  I paid less than $2.  The jeans are the same jeans I had on in the top picture.  I told you they are my favorite.   That's my son who was probably wondering why I have been taking so many mirror selfies lately.

Tomorrow is Tacky Tourist Day and I think I'll be using a thrifted item or 2 so I'll get a pic for you.  

Sunday, February 19, 2017

What Sold Sunday

What sold this week?  A big ole pile of nothing!  Ok..a few things but seriously, this is the slowest month since I started and the things that are selling don't amount to much.  I've been doing this for a year now so I went in and drastically reduced the prices of things that I've had for a year.  A few of those have moved out (at drastically reduced prices) so at least they are gone and I made a small amount.  Other sales have been hugely disappointing.  Oh well.  This business is a gamble.  It's an educated gamble once you learn the ropes - but its still a gamble.  Here are the things I've sold:

I sold 2 sets of Med couture scrubs for $16.50 each.  I paid a combined total of $4 for the scrubs because I got them during a $1 sale at Goodwill.  After fees I made a total profit of $23.08.  I always mail scrub sets and other clothing that is too heavy for First Class in a Flat Rate envelope for $5.77.  The only brands of scrubs I look for are Med Couture and Grey's Anatomy because they seem to sell fairly quickly with an okay profit if I can get them cheap enough.  

 Men's BKE shirts are fairly reliable sells too.  They aren't high dollar but have a good sell through rate.  I bought this at Goodwill for $2.74 and sold for $14.99 which gave me a profit of $10.11.  I TRY to only purchase items that will give me at LEAST a $10 profit.  I have the basic Ebay store which is 250 listings a month which is all I have time for since I work full time and have a toddler.  Because I am limited in time and listings, I need to make sure to focus on quality over quantity.

I've had these Nike running shoes for almost a year.  I know a lot of sellers who look for shoes, but I have not had good luck with them overall.  You have to be really careful and check that the glue is still good, soles aren't cracked, and they have minimal toe indention.  Unless I can score them for super cheap, I don't really deal in shoes.  I got these from a yardsale last year for $1 so they were worth the gamble.  I took a best offer of $20.99 and mailed them in a region a box.  After fees I made a profit of $16.81

Now for a return.  I HATE returns.  My stomach actually drops when I hear the "You have a message" sound from my ebay app.  I haven't had very many problems over the last year but I have learned that if someone wants to return something, you may as well go with it, even if losing money because Ebay does NOT take the seller's side very often and if they get involved, you will get a defect rating.  I've only received one defect over the past year but I do not want another.

I sold these new Med Couture pants in January for $18.99  + shipping.  A few days later the buyer messaged me and said I neglected to mention they were petite and she does not wear petite.  I was a little annoyed because I photographed the inside size label AND the hang tag and listed them as 8705P which is the same way the Med Couture people differentiate between regular and petite BUT she was half right because I did not explicitly state "petite" in description or title. I KNEW ebay would take her side so I went ahead and paid return shipping and issued a full refund.  I'm still salty about it but at least I didn't get a defect AND I learned a lesson.  

I'm going to go ahead and speak in faith that the next week of sales will be much more exciting than this week.